Melody Pines Day Camp
is a family owned
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Hours of Operation

7am-9am Drop-Off
9am-3:45pm Daily Program
3:45pm-5:30pm Pick up

Visiting Hours June, July and August by appointment only


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Campers | Group Names

GIRLS Entering Grades K-8 and at least 5 yrs. of age.

: Entering Grades K+1st. These girls enjoy creative play with specialties including imaginative games, crafts, role playing, and sand pile fun!

Seventy-Eighters: Entering Grades 2+3. These girls are eager to be involved in all play activities and are challenged with exciting games, scavenger hunts, sports and crafts!

Pickety-Piners: Entering Grades 4+5. These girls are raring to go and involve themselves with unique games, team events, creative crafts and sports!

Melodettes: Entering Grades 6, 7, and 8. These girls require more specialized activities and enjoy more advanced crafts, water sports, adventurous games, and team building!

BOYS Entering Grades K-8 and at least 5 yrs. of age.

Mohawks: Entering Grades K+1. Imaginative rugged play is a must for these boys. Activities on their list include active games, sand construction, role playing, and water fun!

Navajos: Entering Grades 2+3. These boys are most interested in active games and events. Their play includes sports, fort building, relays, and team events!

Cheyennes: Entering Grades 4+5. These energetic boys are ready to play and involve themselves with competitive games, sports, fishing, and fort building!

Mountaineers: Entering Grades 6, 7, and 8. These boys require challenging activities and enjoy competition, sports, rugged games, and water sports.