How do you select your staff?

The vast majority of our staff have come up through our camp program and apply as CIT's when entering the 9th grade. We have a very high staff return rate and receive a large number of applicants each year. As a result, we are able to be very selective in choosing our staff.

What is your staff to camper ratio?

Our overall ratio is approximately 5 to 1. However, our staff to camper ratio varies greatly by activity. For example, our staff to camper ratio for archery is 1 to 1, whereas our staff to camper ration for a popular craft may be 8 to 1.

How old do campers need to be in order to attend?

In order to attend, a child must be entering kindergarten and must turn 5 years of age prior to the start of the camp season.

Do you offer financial aid?

Unfortunately, we do not offer financial aid. We are a private day camp and do not receive donations or assistance to offer such programs.

Can I register my child for half days or partial weeks?

No. All registrations are done by the full day and week as we have a long list of campers waiting to attend.

What do you to with the campers on rainy days?

If it is misting outside our campers tend to be happiest in their normal daily routines outdoors. In the case of heavier rains, our staff is responsible for planning indoor activities for their groups. We have covered spaces in our pavilions (gym+arena), craft shop, loft, and bathhouse. Each area is suited for a variety of activities.

What should I do about sunscreen?

At our camp, children spend the majority of the day outdoors. We do have a lot of shade, but children tend to have more sensitive skin. Please apply sunscreen heavily in the morning before sending your child to camp. If your child burns easily, please feel free to have them wear a hat and/or shirt for swimming. Also, please pack sunscreen in his backpack for him to reapply. We do give reminders, but it is ultimately the child’s responsibility to take the sunscreen out of his bag.

What happens if I don’t want my child to have swimming lessons?

For the safety of our campers, swimming lessons are a required part of our daily program. Although our waterfront is highly supervised, we have a lakeside location. In the best interest of all of our campers, we want every child to feel safe and comfortable in and around the water. If the water or air is too cold on a given day, we will cancel lessons for that day.

How do you monitor water quality?

The City of Manchester’s Health Department tests the water quality within our swimming areas every week. 

I would like a tour before I register....what should I do?

During the off season we remove all of our equipment and docks, so camp looks very different, but we do our very best to accomodate intersted families who wish to tour the grounds. If you are unable to tour the camp, prior to registration, and are unsure as to whether or not you wish to register, we recommend that you plan a tour with us for this summer and plan on registering for next summer.

Something has come up mid-summer, why can't I cancel after May 1st?

All cancellations are due May 1st. This allows us to provide care for families that have not been accepted for this summer. After our deadline, many families find other care and we simply cannot fill those spaces.

What are your pre-season and post-season office hours?

Our camp office is open year round, but we do not have set office hours. This allows us to spend time out and about on the property seeding lawns, pouring molds, making repairs, and getting the property ready for the upcoming summer. The best way to reach us during the off season is via email: melodypines@comcast.net.