Camp Melody was the dream of Andrew Dominick, supported by his loving wife Mary, and set into action after much planning in 1951. Beforehand, Andy had worked at an overnight camp and decided he could provide the camp experience while returning children to their own homes, parents and beds at night.

He started Camp Melody with an old station wagon, and a summer rental of the Greek picnic grounds on Bryant Rd. (about a 1/2 mile from our current location). In August of that first year, while shopping, Andy ran into Mrs. Harko- a family friend who told him Mr. Wilson was selling his house on Crystal Lake. It was just the location they wanted! He went home, dropped off the groceries, asked Mary for good luck, drove to 510 Corning Road and closed the deal. 

In the second season, 1952, our camp opened at our current location, with a new name: "Melody Pines Day Camp", and also became co-ed after much encouragement from Mary and their 3 daughters! The new name, Melody Pines Day Camp, was a reflection of the melody of the children’s voices under the pine trees. Gradually over the next 15 years, Andy bought more land both East towards the beach, and West towards the farm. A home was removed, the Rec Hall built, and the Gym too!

In 1967, after 17 years in business, Andy's oldest daughter Mary and her brand new husband Tom Connors began to run the day camp. Some years later they decided to buy the day camp from Mary's folks.

A few things changed at Melody Pines in 1988, the biggest was that our founder Andy Dominick passed away in August. That same year, Tom came to the conclusion that to keep the camp at a reasonable tuition rate, he would sell the buses (1951 - 1988) and build a parking drop-off ramp. 

Things only improved at Melody Pines Day Camp, under the direction of Tom and Mary Connors in their 35 years as owner/directors. In the summer of 2001, Stephen Connors and his wife Erika became the 3rd generation to direct/own MPDC. They currently run the camp with their 3 children.

At the close of summer 2002, we decided to improve our office and living quarters. We tore down the original cabin (purchased from Mr. Wilson), and built a new office. The walk out basement houses our office, nursing station, staff lounge and repair area.

Each year Melody Pines continues to change and improve. A great camp is always moving forward.